Full Body Lifting Sling

Patient Lifting Sling Sizing Instructions

To determine the correct size Full Body Sling needed we only need to measure from the top of the patients head to their coccyx. This measurement(X) refers to the D column in the size chart below.

If the difference between the patient's measurement(X) and the size in column D is by a factor of +/- 50MM then we recommend choosing either the size below or above.

For example:

If X = 870MM, then we recommend using the MEDIUM sized sling.


Small1250 MM400 MM800 MM850 MMSFBP1SRFM1
Medium1370 MM450 MM930 MM920 MMSFBP2SRFM2
Large1450 MM550 MM900 MM900 MMSFBP3SRFM3