Deluxe Commode Lifting Sling

Patient Lifting Sling Sizing Instructions

To determine the correct size sling needed for the patient, a measurement of the patients shoulder width (X) only is required for comparison with the size chart below.

If X > D + 50mm then go up a sling size.
If X < D - 50mm then go down a sling size.

For example, a patient with a 450mm shoulder width will be most comfortable in a MEDIUM sling: 450mm < 430mm + 50mm

Compare the shoulder width measurement (X) to the D column on the size chart.


Small1250 MM400 MM800 MM850 MMSFBP1SRFM1
Medium1370 MM450 MM930 MM920 MMSFBP2SRFM2
Large1450 MM550 MM900 MM900 MMSFBP3SRFM3