Mattress Underlay



  • Used under an alternating mattress system to compliment it in the event of a system failure.
  • Made from medium-density foam and with a water-resistant cover.
  • Provides protection for the patient if the air alternating overlay or mattress replacement bottoms out.
Fire retardant

Fire retardant flexible polyurethane foam.


Fully treated for protection against biological attack from bacteria and fungi.


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Solari Medical Pressure Reducing Mattresses

Mattress Cover Properties

Waterproof PU Coated Fabric

With 3-Way Stretch

The PU coated fabric complies with the Australian Standard AS 2001.2.17 – Determination of resistance of fabrics to water penetration – Hydrostatic Pressure Test.

High Frequency Welded Seams

The seams of the cover are welded together using a high frequency welding technique which fuses the PU coated fabric together creating a waterproof seam.

Unlike sewing, the high frequency weld does not leave holes.

Waterproof Zip

The special waterproof zip has concealed plastic coated zipper teeth making the need for a protective flap unnecessary and preventing any liquid penetration.