Contour Therapeutic Pillow

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Photo demonstrating how the contour pillow design aids posture and sleeping

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This pillow aids in the restoration of the normal cervical curve. The contour of the pillow cradles the head and neck to aid comfort in reducing muscle stress and tension.

  • Great Comfort
  • Non-allergenic
  • Long Lasting Foam
  • Contoured Support
  • Recommended by Health Professionals
Contour Therapeutic Pillow Dimensions

Pillow dimensions

Product Specifications
Soft Pillows
CodeSizeLengthWidthHeight 1Height 2
PCS240Child55 CM35 CM10 CM8 CM
PCS241Small55 CM35 CM11.5 CM9.5 CM
PCS242Medium55 CM35 CM13 CM11 CM
PCS243Large55 CM35 CM15 CM12 CM

Firm Pillows
CodeSizeLengthWidthHeight 1Height 2
PCF240Child55 CM35 CM10 CM8 CM
PCF241Small55 CM35 CM11.5 CM9.5 CM
PCF242Medium55 CM35 CM13 CM11 CM
PCF243Large55 CM35 CM15 CM12 CM