General Purpose Lifting Sling

Patient Lifting Sling Sizing Instructions

To determine the correct size sling needed for the patient, a measurement of the patient's shoulder width (X) and upper body length (Y) is required for comparison with the size chart below.

For shoulder width measurements, add an extra 100mm to each side to allow for the sling to reach around the patients' arms.

For example, a patient with a 600mm shoulder width will need a minimum of 800mm in sling width (A). Since the minimum width of the SMALL sling is 800mm we would recommend the larger MEDIUM sling be used.

Measure the upper body length(Y) from between the shoulder blades down to the coccyx region. Then compare this measurement with the size chart below using the following equation: Y = B - C

If the Y measurement is equal to or slightly larger than a designated sling size(refer size chart) we recommend using the next size up.

1320mm - 600mm = 720mm

For example, a patient with an upper body length of 650mm will fit comfortably in a MEDIUM sling.


Small800 MM1150 MM550 MM400 MMSGPP1SGPM1
Medium1000 MM1320 MM600 MM480 MMSGPP2SGPM2
Large1060 MM1410 MM610 MM560 MMSGPP3SGPM3